Monday, November 15, 2010

Number Game

We all live in the world with so many things around us that amuse us. Things of different sizes, shapes, colours and textures. But there is always this one thing that would've amused you in one form of the other - numbers!

Without numbers, the world will be impossible.

You are woken up in the morning by your alarm clock at a particular time on the clock. And then you snooze it for a certain number of minutes. And then you are reminded by your family/friend that he/she tried to wake you up x number of times, but you didn't bother waking up, and then you finally get up off the bed! The toothbrush has so many bristles, the toothpaste has Y% of salt in it. Your breakfast is so laden with numbers all over it! One stuff is 100% fat free, or you want to have 3 chapatis, or 4 slices of bread or a health drink that promises it will give you Z kCal of energy!

Then you go for a bath. The water must be of some temperature. Your bath soap (the brand always says it is the "new" version) promises you "beauty in 3 weeks". Your shampoo has 100% dandruff-free formula. Your clothing has to be according to your waist length or shoulder or leg length... some prefer it tight, some loose, but it's all in a frame of reference to the "exact fit".

You now have to go to school or college or work. You either take your own vehicle which consumes fuel at some sky rocketed price, that runs at a fashionable mileage and can touch a whopping top speed of K kmph! Or... you take public transport for which you pay a fare of Rs. R and enjoy a conversation with the other m co-travelers.

You enter the school just before the first hour can start and you battle through the 6 or 8 or 10 classes. If you are at the office, perfect place for numbers to attack you. It starts with the boss reminding you how many minutes late you are to work. Then you will be interrogated about some profit and losses, some numbers on the computer screen will seem interesting (for various reasons..which may vary from the score of your minesweeper game you were playing to while of time in the office, to the annual profit of your organisation), and the day will dip more into numbers.

If you are at school/college, there will be numbers in all your subjects. If not in the form of mathematical/science problems, they will feature as page numbers, question numbers, volume number etc. You have certain number of sessions, and have to follow the time-lines!

Once back from school or college, you want to play something... Indoors or outdoors, it is flooded by numbers. I wonder what man played before number systems were invented...

Entertainment, movies, they all play around numbers... If KBC is about winning certain amount of money, reality shows are about being the no.1 on the show.

As you sit down to eat, you are consuming some calories of energy. You want some number of that delicacy. When you talk with people, there will be a number in it for sure... time... rank... score... distance... number of people/cars/animals...telephone number etc etc...

Try sleeping...

But you might have to start counting the stars or the sheep that jumped over the fence!