Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Beautiful Twilight

Clouds left the sky
Not before the earth was wet.
A dry place to sit
I found after some time.

The cool breeze signaled nightfall
The Sun behind sped its fall.
The birds returned to their nests
Letting me know when passing me by.

The Sun took with him his friends
The colours that lit the sky.
Blue, yellow and red
They followed the Sun's trail.

Across the sky rose the Moon
To give me company,
For I am afraid
Of the dark, spooky night.

Gorgeous she was
The Moon in the night sky.
She looked pretty when she smiled
Even without her star-studded jewels.

Half the sky retreated its colours
The other spread darkness.
Which was more beautiful
It is hard to tell.

But there I was
Wrapped between them both.
Oh, that was serene,
The beautiful moment of twilight.

The twilight.