Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Law of Attraction

Whatever it is that you are feeling is a perfect reflection of what is in the process of becoming

Every human thought is a spark of what he wants. And the universe will respond to it. Whatever we think of will have a reaction, just like what Newton said. Whatever we ask for will be answered by the universe. But, why do we not attain it? Its because we do not try to receive it. Man must complete his thirst by trying to receive whatever he wants. Its like attracting the thing you want, the thing you think about, rather, to yourself.

Whatever you think about is what is most likely to happen, because you are attracting it to yourself. Thoughts of 'I don't want my grades today... I don't want my grades today...' would lead you to your grade reporst today itself, because you are constantly thinking about them, and negatively so.

As pointed out in the documentary of 'The Secret', the universe is like the Genie, and you are Alladin... The Genie always says one thing - 'Your wish is my command!' Thats about it. It doesn't matter to the universe whether or not what you think is good or bad, its about what you think that matters. Patience and perseverance to get what you want will surely reap benefits.

Whatever you may, materialistic property, love, realationship, decisions, medical cure, luck, fortune? You name it, You got it. You just have to Ask, and Receive when the universe Answers.

Even if you are in a bad situation, trying to get out of it, just a little thought of a happy moment, relived over and over again would take you to a better situation. Mental calmness, and the determination to live happy again will set you right on the path of righteousness.

You are your own Michaelangelo. You are responsible for your own situation. Whatever you are, is because of all the thought process that happened before. Its history. Starting now, you can sculpt yourself all over again. What you want to have, what you want to be, whom you want to be with, its all in your head... Thoughts Become Things. You are the one who creates Your reality.

The future is all yours... The universe is your catalogue, free of cost. Enjoy your life!

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  1. Brilliant topic to start the blog off with! :) It has been the most brilliant book I have ever read!
    keep writing! :) :)