Monday, July 12, 2010

Songs I Love

I am not one of those people whose ears have a four feet long extension of the earphone wires all day long, nor do I blare music all throughout the day, nor am I an ardent-est fan of any particular singer or band, though I do like a couple of them. But, I love to listen to music, of some soothing genre, mostly soft, with some touching lyrics. I usually am doing almost nothing while listening to the songs. Even now, the songs are being played, but you have no idea how many times I pause the song to write/type or pause my typing to listen... The latter outscores the former! Songs are one of the very few things that I am very "choosy" about. I usually am flexible, whatever you might want to call it, but yes, I am gifted with some tolerance, patience, flexibility, and a non-so-adamant or specific liking to things.

I have a little collection of songs that I keep playing over and over again, maybe around 150 or 200 songs. Once in a while (while > 1 month) I do listen to other songs in the 2000+ songs directory on my computer.

(right click and open in another window, to listen to the songs)

I like many, or most, Atif Aslam's songs. He has a wonderful voice box, a superb voice, that makes me melt any time, anywhere. For the past one month, I get up in the morning and play the song "Tu Jaane Naa" from "Azab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani". My day starts with that piece of beauty! Jal Pari, Doorie and Meri Kahani, his three most famous albums are always there to sweep you off your feet! Aah, what timing! Now, the media player toggled to play "Maula" by Atif Aslam. Fast paced, but like I say, his voice is superb! Must listen. You all must be familiar with the likes of Bheegi Raatein, Tere Bin, Pehli Nazar Mein (Race)... Well, those were just samples of his brilliance.

I was once browsing through my directory for an Atif song, when I came across "Aas Paas", a duet sung by Hadiqa Khayani and Atif Aslam. I was listening to it for the first time, and then, it just stuck to my skin. What a voice, this lady has! For the past two weeks, this is the song has been accompanying Tu Jaane Naa. Its always nice to wake up to those beautiful songs :-) . I have never felt the need to listen to any other song of her, thinking I may not listen to this as frequently if I fall in love with something else. I just love this song.

A lady with such a smooth voice, Hadiqa, and my next few line are about a completely different singer. I once heard this bomb shell of a voice chord sing a particular song. It was aproximately 3 years ago when I heard it. I had to make my roommate play it thrice in a row to satisfy my senses that it was a human who did sing the song. The song - "Golmaal" from the movie Golmaal. The singer - Anushka. What does she eat? What does she drink? Man!!! Unnnnbelievable. Her voice dances in mid air, and for moments I am in mid air, till the song ends and I have to realise a particular 9.81 m/sec^2 exists! She was there Golmaal returned as Golmaal Returns, for "Tu Saala Kaam se Gaya". Well, not as great as Golmaal, which is why I still don't want to listen to any other song by Hadiqa, and keep loving Aas Paas till I can. But yes, Anushka did take me back to the Coke-V Pop-stars days, when I was following her and her then four buddies race to the top of India's first pop singing talent hunt. Hum Naye geet Sunaye being my personal favourite from their album, VIVA.

Sticking to lady singers, my personal favourite, and maybe most others' too for other reasons, the lady whose voice is ten times more beautiful than herself, Shreya Ghosal! Be it "Pal pal Har Pal" or "Yeh Ishq Hai" or "Salaam-E-Ishq" the numerous duets with Shaan and Sonu (two of the best hindi playback singers the 21st century is lucky to have). But, I have one personal favourite. "Leja Leja" from the album "Ustad and the Divas". This song, sung by Shreya, and Ustad Sultan Khan, is one that can make me freeze and listen to it! I had it as my ring tone for a long long time. I had to change my ring tone, because, my ears were more prone to getting intoxicated by the song, than allow my brain to process the information- "YOU ARE GETTING A CALL, PICK IT UP, YOU MORON!". Many times, someone'd call early in the morning on weekends, and I would lazily be half awake, smile hazily into thin air, sitting up on the bed, and after the ring tone dies off, get back to sleep :-). I used to play this song so much, that my wing mates used to barge into my rooms, armed at times, to hit "alt+f4" or any other feasible alternatives to pause or mute or close it down. My room-mate was fed up and grew immune to it at one stage. Some even thought I had a crush on the girl who features in the song's video. She is beautiful, yes, but I don't have a crush on her, sorry. My eyes and brains and ears and heart work independently with select connections alone completed :-) , not this one.

Ustad Sultan Khan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, and, Nusrut Fatel Ali Khan - the three easiest picks I can get to portray the brilliance of Sufi music. Sufi music is so soothing. just bring these names up because, its what we can relate to so easily. But, its not even 0.1% of what sufi music is about. This music can be heard even as far as Turkey and the northern Africa, Egypt primely, and most of the middle east, Arabs, Afghan, Pakistan, India and some of this touches other eastern parts of Asia. One may also find touches of Sufi music in Rabbi and Kailash Kher. A simple song by Rahat Fateh, one of the most lively ones, from the movie Namaste London - Main Jaha Rahoon. It just completely describes the feeling of a man away from home. Piece of excellence.

My sister is a big fan of Shaan, and I have been mindly infuenced by her. But, one cannot overlook the brilliance he carries in his voice chord, which he delivers with a smile. Almost all song from his album "Love-o-logy" which we got when we bought a stereo system 11 years ago, still lies as one of the prized collection! trust me, you don't want to miss this album. You will see that Shaan is the same guy now, which he was all those years ago!

There is this one song, by another famed singer, but I like it not for the singer's fame, but for the sheer brilliance of music and singing that goes in sync only to leave you in awe! Its "Soona Soona" from the album Classically Mild by Sonu, who has been a superb figure in the playback industry. He knows which songs to pick for himself, loves classical, and delivers the best goods! Butttt...Classically Mild is one of the best fusion albums you would want to listen to.

One of those very few fast paced songs that ever caught my imagination, is "Breathless" by Shankar Mahadevan. Its not a rap, but its just a superb fast paced singing, with beautiful lyrics to go along with the impeccable soundtrack! It truly does leave you breathless! I am no big fan of him, I'm not a big fan of someone to then select a favourite song. My ears go on a dollar-store shopping and pick whatever they like. This was one of those random flicks!

There are many other songs, which I love, but am quite tired to add them to this long post and tell why I love them. But I will list them below. I bet many of you will love most of them

Uff Teri Ada - from Karthik Calling Karthik

Tadbeer Se Bigdi Hui Taqdeer (Destiny Mix) - from Bluffmaster. You will find out why I (a remix- non-lover) like this song

Ajj Din Chadeyya - Love aaj Kal

Bheegi Bheegi - Gangster

Aye Bachchu - Ghajini

Jiya Dhadak Dhadak - Kalyug

Alvida, In Dinon - Metro/by KayKay

Laree Chooti - Xulfi

Well, unable to recollect more songs now. I can't do things by force, so, if at all there are some more to come in.

I fancy hindi songs over tamil or english, and hence have elaborated the ones in hindi. I do have some favorites in english and tamil, apart from these hindi ones. Also some arabic, and other languages...some other time, maybe.

Comments, views and suggestions always welcome :-)

Till next time,
Bubbyeee from me :-)


  1. My top 3 hindi songs :
    1) Maula Mere from Anwar
    2) Uff Teri Ada from Karthik Calling Karthik
    3) Tanhayee from Dil Chahta Hai

    My top 3 english songs :
    1) Shine on by James Blunt
    2) Wonderwall by Oasis
    3) Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin

    My top 3 tamil songs :
    1) Pillai Nila from Neengal Ketavai
    2) Kadhalikkum Pennin Kaigal from Kaadhalan
    3) Azhagu Nilave from Pavithra

    My top alternative genre songs :
    1) Du Hast by Rammstein
    2) Sonnendeck by Peter Licht
    3) Habib Koite and Bamada

  2. as for the hindi top 3 - nice
    almost all of the rest - no idea

  3. we have a very common taste in music.. i love paki singers and bands,they are really good.. listen to roxen also.. they are pretty good.. ali zafar has a great voice too..

  4. oh good :-) . I will. thanks for the suggestions :-)

  5. I'm a big fan of Shaan. here are my fav songs:
    1. Aankon mein neeind...
    2. Sadha ke liye
    3. Beheti hawa sa tha who
    4. Saiyaan (Kailasa)
    5. Kushboo hoon main