Friday, June 11, 2010

The build up to the next phase

Well, around a little over a month ago, I left college for good, and enjoyed a little buffer period before I move to the third phase (school(and before), college are my first two phases). No, I've to experience something new, something exciting, something more constructive and something that would define my future.

I'm all set to join Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd (RBEI, India)this coming Monday in the city of Coimbatore, TN, India. And its been a very interesting ride to the occasion.

One fine day, when I was watching the match between India and Zimbabwe and doing this and this, I received a call from the company and they confirmed that my joining date was just about two weeks away from that day! Yes, happy I was, that I finally got the confirmation :-) . A few days later, I received the mail with all the details required. So, it was time to prepare myself for the future.

Well, new place, new clothing! Had a tough tough tough time buying trousers for me. being 6 foot plus, with 4 foot plus long legs is not the best physique for an Indian. There may be only two or three showrooms that have quality men's clothing to suit my lanky frame. Same goes for shirts, the ones which fit me on the shoulders don't necessarily have the arm-length. After some hours I got a few shirts to go along with the trousers. Complan sure does make you grow tall!

Then was the random-shopping ritual. You need to buy things from A-Z and be ready to have all the things in hand when you move to the new place. Shoes to hair-oil, every little thing will seem big when you realize you don't have it!

In-between all this, those who are going away from home have to start, or polish, their culinary skills. Best to learn it at home, where you have the freedom to experiment (others permitting) and the people to learn from. Some day you'll own a recipe and be proud of it :-) .

Now, the paper work.. Yet again you will have to fall back to the old files and folders and retrieve the mark sheets and then the grade cards and other documents, customarily specified by the company! Phew! Organizing that was SOME thing! I had half the things, and needed to get the other half photocopied, so, there was a confusion on what to copy, and what not to!!! A few scratches on the head later, I got them neatly arranged!

So, I have to go to this new place... And? And stay where? I had to get a place of accommodation! Luckily a family friend of ours was in the city who helped me to book a house for accommodation, where hopefully another couple of my batchmates will join me there...

And here I am, half the packing done, the other half will be done soon :-) and it'll be time to leave in another 24 hours and enter the third phase of my life. I hope its a good one :-)