Sunday, June 6, 2010

Help me understand these things

There are some things that baffle me. Some things happen for no understandable reason. Some things are made for no decipherable use. Some things make no sense. Some things that I don’t know if they exist, but still hear a lot about them. Is it that I cannot get the meaning out of them, or is it that there is indeed something wrong with these...

Take a look at my puzzling list of topsy turvys

1. I want to see/buy/use that ordinary/”saadharan” soap/toothpaste/dishwasher-bar. Its high time I see that standard comparison cake/liquid which is always blamed by every product.

2. I want to meet the “80 % of the dentists” who prefer almost every brand of toothpaste in the industry (well, they claim so).

3. I want to know why industries have technologies good enough to use real lemons in dishwashing bars/liquids but not in lemon flavoured energy-drinks or squashes. (question, courtesy a friend of mine).

4. I want to know why it takes 19 years of judiciary actions to award 18 months of imprisonment to some bloke.

5. I want to know why they named this rodent a Guinea Pig, when its neither from Guinea, nor is a pig.

6. I want to know why and how the idiom “sweat like a pig” came into existence, when the pigs can’t sweat at all.

7. Why do television channels somehow find a way to ruin a good program by flashing something ‘important’/’urgent’ on it, or replace the good one with a mediocre/bad one, or forcibly lose its rights, or irritate with excessive telecast of the same thing (Moto GP on 3 channels at the same time gets a special mention)

8. If advertisements were so important, why can’t they have television channels dedicated to advertisements 24x7... Anyway, they flash advertisements in the bottom of the screen, on the corners of the screen, or minimise the screen to accommodate the flashing ad, or put a big logo/promo of something thats going to come on the channel (special movie, sporting event, next program etc)

9. I want to know why they say we are technologically better nowadays, and say “we have ACs now, which we didn’t have earlier”. Of course, I do enjoy the AC, but in cooling a small space, we are contributing to the ‘global warming’. I did see upsetting pictures of melting glaciers and ice-covers near the north pole. Better technology anyone? Research? Time is less.

10. I want to know why people conduct grand scale competitions like ‘fastest eater’, ‘longest kisser’, ‘loudest/longest laugh’, ‘loudest burp’... If anyone wanted to waste their money, they can as well give it to charity. Every country or its neighbour is in need of that money for a good cause.

11. I want to know why people to a place of worship when they are in need of some help from God, but do not return to thank God after the help has been delivered. Its not just about God, but when a person gets help from someone, he/she needs to be thanked after you succeed with the work that needed that help from elsewhere

12. I want to know what is so real about reality shows. I see no difference between the reality shows and the “mega” serials, both of which are equally pointless and at times, abusive. The main aim is to increase the TRPs. Whats the point of having a dance competition between famous dancers and singing competition between established singers. At the end of the ‘season’ we have rivalries across the singing industry. An art, made to go wayward due to these less-than-intelligent programs. (or so I think)

13. I want to know why every product has the tag ‘new’ attached to it, when I see absolutely no difference between the product with the ‘new’ tag and the same thing without it a while ago, except for a price hike.

14. Why does everything that is announced “free” end up with a price-tag associated with it? (I am reminded of a song from a Tamil movie in which Prabhu Deva (knows more for his skills on the dance floor) sings – ‘ilavasutthu’kku kooda kaasa’ (meaning, ‘a price for freebies too?’) )

15. Why do they have service tax even in some self-service restaurants and malls?

16. Why do people love to take lethal risks when they have been given prior warning, like on the HV lines, on the boxes of cigarettes, driving (#helmets, or rather, not using them) etc. do people think its an arena to show off their "I can break the rules" attitude?

17. I want to know why some people give random advice on what should be the future of some random person, lets call him/her X? I do know for sure, X has plans, dreams and a self-designed future, and I believe people can understand that X is not a person who is out there to “realise all the dreams others couldn’t realise when they had the chance to do so”, else, the cycle continues once more! Like the say, live the dream!

So, what do you have to say on these randomly picked, small list of unanswered questions? Let me know, let everyone know, and post your own question which can set us pondering over.

For a better tomorrow, let us start today.

Until my next post,


  1. The answer to all your questions, my friend, is 42 :D

  2. :D yeah you certainly sound confused :)
    Well the world works on attention. How much of it can one attract based on n number of unreasonabilities.
    hmm..i think that should answer some of you queries.

  3. I don't understand the above two comments either! So, I have two more additional doubts. 'Sweat like a pig', wiki'ing, is leading you to amazing reads. Try! :)
    Good writing!