Sunday, August 8, 2010

Those Seven Weeks

Fresh from college,
corporate is where I was going to.
Vacations had ended forever,
or so I thought it must have been.

13 hours of an elongated journey,
with a lot of expectancy,
I stepped into my new home,
the weather all so very drizzly.

Hills, trees, green and green,
clouds to “cap” them all.
As cool as it can be,
my working environment was as good as it can be.

New faces, new seniors,
I had to meet.
So many accents under a roof,
even Tamil spoke Malayalam (and vice versa)

Attendance a must,
swipe the card or bite the dust.
Training in AC halls,
oh God, this must be fun!

I thought college was done,
but the tests brought back memories.
So many faces familiar,
reminded of (college) pals, and more and more memories.

Breakfast and lunch,
perfect to put you to sleep.
Lectures were tackled,
with closed eyes and minds, and snores.

Coffee(/tea) break now and then,
Vending machine was a trouble every “then”.
Tea bag in the cup, Coffee it dripped in...
Imagine the concoction, I couldn’t drain it in.

Smiles and wishes aplenty,
always brightened the day.
Cultural barriers wherever present,
We all broke through them.

“Inch” by “inch” knowledge was built,
after each session, half of which was lost.
Tools and rules came many,
notes I wrote, heed I didn’t pay any .

Subjects were alien,
trainers very friendly.
My project group ,
filled with gems of every good like.

Fun filled batch it sure was,
fun, fun, fun, all the time!
Bhaai, sis, hero, tau, dada, et al..
one little happy family my batch was.

Project deadlines didn’t matter much,
the bus to be caught had higher priority!
cleanest of routes,
peacock to airplanes sidelined it in turns...

Local transport, always fun,
green coloured Rs 7 ticket filled my wallet.
Always thirsty when trodding back,
1 litre water bottles filled my room.

4 weekends I spent away,
3 I spent in the city.
and in thise 3- Movies, friends, eat-outs,
I wish weekends were many!

New people, different people,
I met them many.
All taught me something,
none of which I will ever forget!

New friends came thick and fast,
all I did was grasp them all.
It was fun being one amongst them,
miss them one, miss them all (pls stay in touch... I know you will)

The clock had to tick,
the Earth had to spin.
There was a dream,
I had to chase.

With all those good days,
now behind my back.
I have to write,
my life’s next chapter.

As I wait for the next phase,
I am reminded of those 7 weeks.
As good as they were,
memories I always hope to relive.

Cbe, Cbe.

To all my pals at Coimbatore :-
Adieu, folks. Thanks for the wonderful memories we all had together! Hoping to see you all sometime, somewhere, somehow. Take care!

( - comments and suggestions welcome - )


  1. :) :)
    nice one da!
    feels wonderful, that you are missing the place in such a short span.

  2. :) reminded me of my training days in Trivandrum! Good one!