Monday, August 23, 2010

English went for a ride

dis 's a vry intrstng pst. a vry dmb 1 actly. i's so disgst'd wid d use of d sms lingo dat i decidd2 wrt d post

evry tym i gt a fwd on ma mob, i hate it... bt tis k. tis nly sms

bt sm ppl use it in nrml wrtng 2. in bks, psts, emails, etc. cnt evn rd wht the hel 's writn in it. wts wrng in ppl wrting it prprly? is it dat painfl? wht the hel d'yu thnk u hv achvd in wrtng in dat stupd way? u thnk its smrt? wel, tis nt smrt, tis luks ugly.

whts d urgncy? a few xtra wrds and ltrs wnt kil u! u gng 2 bg plcs, 2 cmpns, 2 univs, bt ur eng 's bd, vry bd. i wndr hw ppl ll evr rd ur writng, wht'd dey thnk f u?

dis wrtng styl stinx. tis d wrst. nr do ppl tel wot dey wnt 2, nr do d rders gt wot's wrtn. so, d whl purpus f hvng a lang's dstryd. tis lyk graffiti on d wls in strts, nw in bks, emails, nd oder plcs lyk nwkng syts...fcbk, orkt wateva u nam it.

d bst wy of gvng info 2 oders is via wrtn way. so, 1 mst hv gd enuf skls 2 wrt prprly. so dat, ppl cn ndrstnd wot u r tryng 2 sy, nly den it '' b gd.

the 21st century one letter wonders :-


>1 letter wonder(why) :-

and many more

this post has taken me more time to type out than what would've taken me to put up a post in my normal style of thrice the length!

Gosh. i'm finding it difficult to type with proper spelling after just 15 minutes of scribbling like this!

Well, English, wherever you are, your days are being counted


  1. tht ws a rly gd rd...evn i did tht mistake of writin in sms language wen i had to write an official letter...wen i read it aftr writin i found countless mistakes. !!!

  2. gooooooooood one...... but sms lingo is the thing of our gen, v found it, v r using it.. its convenient and the meaning is, more often than not, conveyed!! :)

  3. hehe.. such a lash out at the sms lingo could have come from none other than you! simply superb!

    even i ve found this language (if it may b termed so) penetrate formal letters and emails. last year when we were reviewing the entries for pragyan, i found not a single one that had mentioned the word through; it was ´thru´ throughout! and some such similar words!

    still remember those days in school when using ´&´ instead of ´and´ in the english answer paper would invite a penalty of half a mark! i wonderful if anyone today would even get a non-negative score if this rule was to still hold good! :P

  4. *i wonder (lol @ how i typed wonderful instead of wonder! )

  5. at 1man - you always use that kind of language, maga... its always going to happen to you, unless you correct it and get a hold on it!

    @arun - i'm not on the list of people who got the message conveyed, so the frustration :-P

    @shyam - sure negatives! i'm reminded of the typewriting classes we had in 9th. we had all prper abbreviations that time... now see, all these dumb short-forms used by there people

  6. Hey,
    I feel the same towards the sms and chat lingo..
    However Im ok with abbreviating a group of words like..wru,gtg,lol,brb...etc :-P

  7. hmm... somewhat tolerable, as compared to what the highest scale of destruction can be

    Abbreviations cant get worser than this..

    Blame the mobiles :)

  9. Hi guys, it is always for pl like me who is wk in splings, and u pl sms to 1000s of pl daily , so if u type in tis Eg only fing wil b safe s from much a days u al forget to talk,& by the by what is wru,gtg,brb,
    @ shyam, if u read this 1ce u will be the expert

  10. tis s d most xclent way 2 dmag d sms lang... lol i luv t... sum wrd 1ders tat u 4got wer lol, sum, gud, nd mainly d no. plus wrds comb lik 4got, 2day, 1der, gr8 etc... u undrstd? k k me g2g.. by

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  12. Nice one! :) I am absolutely of the same opinion and I have had loads of friends in college complain because SMS meant "Short Message Service" and instead here I was typing one paragraph after another. I love the way you've written this entry. It is sad but for the sake of convenience people are spoiling the beauty of the language.

  13. Thank you, Anu.

    I never understood sms lingo. I get headaches "trying" to read them. the prime reason why I request people to not send me any sms forwards, even if they think that I am being rude in saying so...

  14. Nice one :)Even I share the same feeling about this SMS lingo.People use i instead of I in formal letters(electronic version, people hardly use pen and paper these days), which is really sad!!! :(

  15. yeah... and that is the least of all the irritating ones you would want to see on paper... "coz", "u", "i", "v", "hw"... they all appear on hard paper too!!!