Thursday, September 2, 2010


India is a large country, filled with different kinds of people, scintillating colours, myriad landscapes, glorious festivities, huge number of languages, cultures and all... The most diverse country in the world. Lets see what we think of our fellow countrymates, across the imaginary borderline between the southern and northern part of the country... most of these, are from my personal experience, having been on both sides of that borderline, facing and raising questions myself...

Here is a North Indian’s sketch of a stereotype/typical South Indian:-

• Any South Indian, by default, is “Madrasi”

• They have loooooong names

• Their default one-line dialogue is “Aiyyo Raama”, or “Romba romba nalla nalla”

• There are some Northern states, then there is a Bangalore somewhere, a Hyderabad there and then a Madras in the south most part of India. Kanyakumari? That is also there somewhere.

• They stole the idea of “wada” from the “North”

• Saambar, rasam, kozhumbu are the same thing known by different names in different dialects

• Celebrate festivals too early

• Their main objective in childhood is to study

• By default, good in mathematics, become engineers

• Who is this Rajinikaanth? Chiranjeevi? Are you talking about flowers, sir ji?

• Tough to survive in South India

• Very hot place, how do people live in those conditions?

• Carnatic music? Its soooo tough yaar. Hindustani is easy, see so many people sing it.

• They can't speak Hindi, let alone Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali et al

Here is a South Indian’s sketch of a stereotype/typical North Indian:-

• A North Indian, is mostly, a “Seth”

• They have un-pronouncable names

• “haan”, “nageem”, “boltha ka gotha hye”, “arrey yaar” . . . Only north Indian language – Hindi

• There is South India (South Indians know the 4 states), then there is a Bumbaai, and then a Delhi. Rest are there or there about.

• North Indians don’t know anything about “vadai”, medhu vadai, masala vadai, saambar vadai.

• Chapati, roti, naan, phulka, paratha? All the same, saar... We have twisted paratha, and copyrighted it as parotha/burotta.

• Celebrate festivals too late

• They do not care about primary education!

• By default, businessmen

• Amitabh Bachhan? Eh? Who?

• Impossible to live in North India. Saar, I don’t know Hindi!

• Winter in North? How can human live there? Sweater? I wear it when temp goes below 22 degrees

• Carnatic music is the best, you know aah? History says it! Hindustani aaa? I don’t know many people who sing it, saar.

• No way they can speak any South Indian Languages, they don't even know what languages are spoken here. madrasi is not a language, saar!

Unity in diversity. Thats India :-)

Mera Bhaarat Mahaan !


  1. Good one da :)

    But i feel that these impressions are decreasing by the day as every major indian city is becoming cosmopolitan .. But , yes in rural areas its a completely different issue :)

    Btw read this entry in Krish Ashok's blog. Kind of on similar lines (but between Iyers and Iyengars ):-

  2. Hey Bagrat! Adding a few things-
    North Indian impression of the South-
    1. There is only one language in south called ´Madrasi´ whose letters are ´gol-gol´.
    2. They can survive on rice for three times a day, and cant digest wheat even one time a day!
    3. As much as the South Indians are known for brain, they are definitely not anywhere close with strength! rem the famous -Sardar sher da puttar hai! line.
    4. South India is a big developing ´gaav´ (this was b4 bangalorean IT revolution! )
    5. One close knit bunch of people who try to create a world of their own wherever they go rather than become a part of the new world!

    South Indian impression of North Indians
    1. They survive on wheat all three times of the day. not a single meal of rice! aiyo!
    2. They think with their limbs! highly aggressive n revolutionary ppl!
    3. The North Indians are one lucky lot as the capital was made Delhi instead of Madras (that was another conspiracy! ) n hence the centre of all activities.
    4. Why should I change and learn Hindi! If your Hindi is national lang (which i object 100%) my language is uska baap! Thats y ur ´bharat humko jaan se pyara hai´ became ´tamizha tamizha naalai nam naalu´ :D

    All in a lighter vein! :P
    Jai Hind!

  3. The funny part is Indians manage to carry on this division even outside India.
    And north indians are not treated very well in south and vice versa