Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh, you beauty!

What IS beauty?
Beauty is what you see, with your eyes closed.
Beauty is the face of your love, who strolls into your dreams without a request. Beauty is on the face of your parents, who care for you more than you do. It is in the colourful flowers that glorify your garden. It is in the building you admire to be in. It is in the way your favourite sportsperson plays his masterstroke. It drips off the face of the handsome men and the beautiful damsels. It is in the act of a little kitten chasing a ladybird. Beauty is, in the ladybird.

What IS beauty?
Beauty is what you hear, in silence.
Beauty lies in the melodious songs that play in your head even after it is complete. It is that hard metal music that leaves you tapping your feet and shaking your head hours after the end of the concert. It is the Martin Luther King Jr's "dream", that keeps your thoughts awake. It is your mother's voice that you love to hear from the very day you are born. It is in the "songbirds that sing". Beauty is, in the song.

What IS beauty?
Beauty is what you feel, in the creator's absence.
It is the soft touch of your loved ones, that you can never forget. It is the sense of success that you can feel, but not see. It is the gush of emotions that flush your insides every time you are happy. It is in love, which you share with things and people, still and moving. It is in the wet sands of the beach where you bask under the evening sun and the cool breeze. Beauty is, in the breeze.

Beauty is in You, who can sense them all.
Oh, you beauty!

Some things are ugly, so you can look beautiful.
In that, lies their beauty.

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