Thursday, October 21, 2010

Get a life, Losers!

(Disclaimer: the blame charges are against losers, not against the readers.)

In my college here, we go for a field trip, except that, the theme park is a power plant. I enjoy it, so, it's like a field trip. We are split into two batches, first of which is supposed to start by 8, but due to factors like us coming late the breakfast preparation getting delayed, the bus getting delayed, delayed, delayed, delayed, the start is delayed to 8 30, 8 45 or even 9. And after a trip of an hour, thanks to the circumnavigation around the city to pick up the faculty, we reach the power plant that's outside the city limits. So, that'll be around 10 am. And after a mini lecture every day from the faculty, we are on our own to wander in the "theme park", instructed to assemble back for departure by 12:40 pm.

It so happened today that a few guys from the other batch joined us without prior intimation. And a few guys from a pvt. company (X) also had a plant visit today. All in the same bus. Some guys had to stand all the way during the travel. After the visit, when we were to return back, I noticed the bus filling up with the returning students. Me and my little group found some vacant seats and sat down, tired (also had some tasty kachodis). And then, the reason for this post propped up.

Apparently, one guy from that company, X, was "sitting where mr B" was sitting" earlier in the day. So, mr B was angry at mr C (of M/S X). And then B and C had an exchange or words, and then swear-words etc fists and punches though. And then the crowd takes sides. No one knows what's happening, but wants to take sides. What should've been a quarrel between B and C, turns out to be a war between people from A and the guys from my college! And, my colleagues won't get into the bus sighting the people from X as the reason! When the faculty comes to resolve the issue, they complain "those people were sitting in our places... we sit there every day. and he was using abusive words at us when we spoke to them. we won't board the bus until they get down. and only we should sit, and they should stand. it is our bus, not their's.". And then, the colleagues sitting inside the bus get down to "support" "our guys". I was sitting in the bus, watching this head-splitting, nerve twitching, hunger building nonsense... I was too tired to even slap the two idiots who started it.

And this goes on for 40 minutes! Not getting on a bus for something as dumb as "he was sitting on 'my' seat". These guys are 24-28 years old! And they make a scene like kindergarten kids who pissed on each other!


The faculty suggested that some can adjust, and stand during the journey, it won't kill anyone. That was pretty just comment. But that got one response - "we are engineers, we won't stand". I felt like bashing that idiot that time. Like as if everyone else were lesser human beings...

And these people, wanting all from our batch to get off the bus in strike/protest, were in my sense complete idiots! Two idiots start quarreling and I would have to take sides... Why should I? I have the God given gift of respecting myself, and taking my own decision to sit in the comfortable bus!

Some guys were wanting to get down. I asked one of them, "why do you even want to get down?" (and take the risk of getting back to college at your own risk by boarding and switching a couple of buses en-route which will delay the return by at least an hour...not to mention spending for that stupid journey, while the travel expense fees have already been paid for the inst bus!) And his answer was, " if we don't get down, those those people will corner us. they won't talk to us, they won't support us if need arises, they will cause problems to us". This guy was so afraid! To be honest, I was afraid of no one! No one meant a bit to me, and I am in no way gonna be afraid of any silly idiot who wants me, for no reason, to get off the bus, for which I've duly paid.

People are just afraid! They can't stand for themselves. They just can't say, I'm "this" and I'm proud to be "this" in spite of what you may think, and I am not afraid of your comments. I was thinking it may be a weakness in some angle, but no, I think it's a big positive to have my own opinion and stand by it, if not being so meant being an indecisive chicken!

Now, the loser of the day, Mr L... He jumps out of the stationary bus through the emergency window to join to commotion! And after five minutes of not understanding what was happening (clearly because he doesn't understand the language they were talking...correction, I meant quarreling)! And he comes near the bus, pokes me and says "C'mon, get down!". I politely asked "why should I?". And he just swore at me and left! Give me a reason, you damn idiot... I may have something to ponder upon... But no, Mr. L just wanted me to listen to him! For some reason which even he didn't know! So, the next lines are for that loser Mr. L and for any other loser who fits the example :-

"If you have no reason to talk, no reason to play on, no reason to stand on your filthy feet, don't you dare bloody try to fling me in your direction. You are just a puppet, with no brains, played by someone else, knowingly or unknowingly. Wear a hat that spells "DUNCE", go to one isolated corner of the world, and don't you bloody dare open you mouth to utter a syllable, because your tongue is not speaking your words, but the words of your puppet player... You are owned. Your body and mind is sold out to someone else. You are a slave, and you have no courage to break out of it. YOU.ARE.A.BORN.LOSER.! And you deserve being called a loser. You not only lost everything, you do not have a desire to win anything. You just go by words or others, nod when they say something and nay when they say a negative and look for that response on your face.".

And before you jump to conclusions of me having personal vengeance against that L(oser), let me tell you that I have nothing of that sort against him...but I know him long enough to tell you that he is a loser!

Stand on your feet for what you are! Not what you are made to feel like, not what you are made to look like by someone else. If you are walking the other way, continue walking without hitting the breaks. You will be bumped by many as you walk against them. But, once they know how strong you are, they will make way for you! Don't be a loser, be a winner!

For all my boldness, inflexible attitude, I've lost a lot people who pretended to be my friends, for which I am not sad about...but rather happy that I don't have to have any hypocrites on my list of friends. Those who accepted me for what I am, are great pals to have! And they know that I am not the kind of guy who makes cock and bull stories of such themes! If I do find something wrong, I am not afraid to tell it out. good or bad. I can't add gloss to something that's ugly, sorry!

Nevertheless, I am hoping for a good new day tomorrow. Looking forward to playing in grease, oil, ash, coal and soot. climbing on vertical ladders to open tanks, looking into furnaces, watching the ground RIGHT BELOW my feet from 50m height, standing at a spot not knowing if it is going to be a spark or a bucket load of ash. Didn't I tell you it was a field trip? It's an enjoyable field trip to one of my favourite theme parks :-)


  1. well one thing da baggy. People kill for bus seats in this country. Not even seats, any inch of space inside anything on 4 or more wheels. These people u met today are buck-buckaaaah-buck type people with an engineering degree and job. Plus company bus, so u have right to stay in ur seat as u did. there may be a time when real goonda's demand ur rightfully claimed seat. U can't do the same then. Once i was going in my uncle's car near taramani. We pulled to the left end of the road near a signal, a little off the tarmac. Out of nowhere, two rowdies on a bike came near us and started shouting - 'u the****a p**ya why are u going off the road, u own this place ah... blah blah blah...' signal greened and my uncle ignored and continued to drive. they chased caught up and said if we dont stop they'll break glasses. so uncle stopped. then they opened car door (window was down unluckily) and strted to pull us out. We raised our voice, that made them angrier, and we ended up with bruises near our cheekbones. My uncle got stiches near eyebrows...
    So judge wisely is wat i say

  2. oh no :-( . that's sad! very sad!

    I will judge wisely, sure... but not out of fear!

  3. "Nevertheless, I am hoping for a good new day tomorrow. Looking forward to playing in grease, oil, ash, coal and soot. climbing on vertical ladders to open tanks, looking into furnaces, watching the ground RIGHT BELOW my feet from 50m height, standing at a spot not knowing if it is going to be a spark or a bucket load of ash. Didn't I tell you it was a field trip? It's an enjoyable field trip to one of my favourite theme parks :-)" THIS IS THE BEST ATTITUDE EVER. Forcing someone without rhyme or reason is foolishness... Mr.L is one of such fools.... Also in your friend's case he and his uncle must not have stopped the car.We as citizen of this country are obliged to none except the government.If it was a police vehicle they should have stopped the car.It is a case of might winning over mind.

  4. History says might will not have the last laugh!