Friday, October 15, 2010


Why do you think one would want reservation, or demand reservation, or lets say, politely, request reservation?

Is there a need that gets pacified with reservation? Does the pace of work improve with reservation? Is there an improved assurance of something, some work to be completed? Does it simplify things? Why do we see reservation everywhere? Why?

This is my answer.
In a word.


You fear that you are not going to get something with what you have, but you want to have it, and thus ask for a relaxation. In a world of competition, that is the world of incompetency.

There can be plenty of examples, and I will project my views on some of them. Open for like, dislike, "for"s, "against"s, discrimination dot dot dot.

Random beginning.

Why is there a "Ladies' Quota" in the Indian railway reservation system? I'm still bamboozled by this. I can understand ladies' coaches, usually in local/MRTS sort of trains, where women need some privacy. But in the general long distance trains I've NEVER seen a ladies' coach! So, why the reservation? If you think that "all the men fight their way to the reservation counter and book the tickets in a jiffy that we women don't get tickets" (understandably so, women are physically not as strong as men), then you must be looking for a reservation counter for the ladies. Fair enough? I feel so. Same goes for senior citizen. But for an elder, I would rather save him/her trouble and give a reservation.

Ah well, staying with "Ladies' Quota", what is your opinion about the 33% women bill? If you ask me, it was a big projection of the fear in the women. Either they are snubbed from participating openly, in which case they are weak and crying for help, or they are having a bit of ego issues against the men. Let me tell you this, if you are forcibly going to make a woman stand up to politics and face the world much against her will, she is not going to be effective. NOT AT ALL! You know that same old horse taken to the pond story (which I keep hearing from people everyday, like they ran out of inspirational stories), you can make her win the vote, but then she has to represent you all. Its not like the woman candidate represents the women of the society. So, why this bill? I, as a feminist, would love to see women come up in politics, take their own decisions in a sensible manner for the betterment of the nation. But, not by force. I do not mind what number they come in. 33%...50%...or even more? Its our country. And we are people. Why discriminate?

And what is this number? "33"! Are you fixing a cap on the capabilities of the women? Are you telling them - "ladies, you can't do more than that... you can't contribute more than 33% to the country"? You know so many great women who were better than men of their era. be it in politics or business or otherwise. You think there are no more Indira Gandhi 's and Indira Nooyi 's and Lata Mangeshkar 's and Rani Laxshmibai 's around? If men can stop bullying the ladies and black mailing, and if ladies can be that bit more determinent, I am sure we semi-blind people can see what we could not earlier.

Moving a touch upwards, the big topic - reservation based on caste and community.

the Constitution of India says "The Union of India is a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic, assuring its citizens of justice, equality, and liberty and, to promote among them all, fraternity."

For one minute, close your eyes, think, think if that phrase has been justified yet in our country.

Who said caste system has been legally abolished? It is still in existence. Why, it is us who seem to be supporting it... Making reservations for each of them! First they are made to feel uncomfortable, then given luxury, and now they want more! This is not my personal remark against anyone, any community, any section of the society...but, against the system that has put an invisible barrier between people. Look at India now. We are 63 years independent. 63 years after uniting together to break from the divide and rule policy of the British. If we half a million people could battle all those years ago to free one of the most populous and largest country of the world from the hands of some pardesi fellows, why are we not breaking from our own blinding thoughts?

Don't raise an eyebrow at me. We are living in a generation where technology is ruling the roost, Indian technocrats are in demand everywhere in the world, maybe even on moon if need arises! But remember, in the same country, there are some communities who are fighting (I mean, real fighting, blocking roads, going on fast, suiciding, killing, bringing the roof down) for getting their community named under "Scheduled Castes" or "Scheduled Tribes" or "Most Backward Castes". People, look at these names... Aren't these discriminations in itself? Someone comes and tells a person - you are an OBC, and the man says "yes". I wonder what he might be feeling from within, if he ever gave a thought to the words that made up "O.B.C." .

Aren't we all born the same and die the same? Then why differentiate?
This is one tale which I tell to myself, if not, to a listener who can think rationally, just to portray the lack of competitiveness than can result out of reservation. this fellow "X" has the comfort of reservation, of some sort...

X is born, (lower hospital charges if at all any needed)
X gets easy admission into school
X has to pay less fees
X needn't score much to get promoted
X can afford to score less in finishing school exams
X has relaxations in college entrance exams
X has to pay less fees in college
X can afford to score less in college exams
X has reservation in companies' job opportunities.
X has easier way up the ladder, be it salary or promotion or what so ever.

Tell me, can a country be run by people who grow up the ladder like this?

All people face the same teachers, go through the same lectures, sit in the same class, live in the same hostel, and...and... the end product is, some people get the special treatment after claiming that they are not being treated properly and need reservation! there are states with 69% and 72% reservation in most govt institutions!

And anyway, X has the "extra option" of contesting in anything as a "general" candidate, putting the "general" people even more confused!

Its time people were knows for their capacity, not their birth, or any materialistic or non-materialistic properties that gets associated to him/her at the time of birth.

If they need to be brought out into the open, open more schools...generate more jobs! If I'm going to generate power/electricity, I don't think I will be in a position to charge it differently for people from different caste/community, or pay the employees doing the same work differently. It just doesn't sound right! Give the opportunities to the poor. there are so many rich reserved and poor "general" people who are the end product of this new nation moving forward with ropes binding itself to that strong old tree.

We are pushing the pedals of a stationary cycle. the wheels may move, but not the cycle.

Reservation is endless. South African cricket team has a reservation for blacks in the team. And Indian cricket has regional quota to fill a squad. Colleges have regional quota. You want to get into a bus, you reserve it, as cheaply as possible - put a handkerchief on the seat and claim the seat as yours! Want to go to a famous restaurant for dinner, you reserve a table fearing it may get "stolen" before you get there. Car parking - there is a VIP parking... C'mon people - this is going overboard, discrimination for cars? And like those VIPs can't hear from the rear end of the auditorium, they are always given the first rows of the shows! Not like they get the respect that they think a first row dignitary would receive!

No matter what I talk or do, things will go on continuing like this. because, either people are not wanting to change, or too lazy to change, or think differently. But me being as open as I could, couldn't put this message off any longer!

With so much fear bringing up so much divide it is "India Shining". Just imagine how bright India will be if everything was eradicated and there was a sense of unity beyond caste, creed, colour, sex, region etcetera etcetera.

But, nevertheless,
Mera Bhaarat Mahaan


  1. Nice one! But I see idealism. You should sit in the position of the ruler! I used to think exactly the same way,especially the fundamental rights part!!! There is a difference....

  2. yeah man , its true! people are lazy to change.they dont care unless & until things turn against them and those who care dont have power!we just talk and leave off.!But it would be nice if some reformations happen soon!who 'll initiate and lead?Hope i 'll support for a cause!

  3. @ An engineer's mind - i don't know if the ruler WANTS the divide, but a more unified state will be happier, or so I feel.

    @ Santhika - you can start by not discriminating people. And people will follow your footsteps. Its a start.

  4. u still ve nt gone into the deeper roots...reservations are required for certain make an improvement in their social status but the problem is that the reservations never reach the right person..but obstructed and taken away by the unnecessary!!!!

  5. "caste" has become a social blindfolding cloth on our eyes... to improve someone, I don't think many other countries do it based on the community's name! has to reach the right person, but if it is mr A and mr B, both have to be treated the same