Saturday, October 2, 2010

Perfection? or Satisfaction?

When you watch the image of a famous personality, your mind wanders... You have that bit of respect, the awe, the appreciation when you see someone who has a well established status in the society. You would say "Sachin is the best cricketer on earth...", or "Amitabh is the perfect actor on screen", "he has the perfect characteristics to lead the country", "he is the perfect businessman"... etc

One might wonder that perfection is the ultimate self, what one needs to be to survive with heads held high, what one needs to be to enjoy the respectful status in the society, what one needs to be to enjoy the living... I say, perfection is not what's needed, it's satisfaction that you need first.

Perfection is what others want to see in you. Satisfaction is what you must have in yourself!

Do you want all of Buffett's wealth, or do you want to lead a well settled life? Do you want Ratan Tata's industries, or do you want to lead your team to a satisfied annual result. Do you want the "perfect" life where there is no scope of improvement with only the fear of falling back or do you want to have the most satisfactory life, free from any complaints about it from your side?

You cannot be perfect. It's because, you cannot define your own perfection. You always know you can do better, you can push yourself for more. Have you ever done something which you think no one on earth can do better? Even if you did, why did you think so? Was it because you "thought" no one can eclipse that, or was it your best shot, and it was better than all your previous attempts? Of course, if you can do this much, you can always do better!

Bill Gate's who was the wealthiest person for a long time, never actually boasted about it. Nor did his competitors. Buffett, Gates, and many other multi-billionaire, multi-millionaire have promised a large percentage of their personal wealth to charity. Why? They were satisfied with their lives. They found the excess amount surplous of what they might need for generations together, and were keen to help out other beings who need it much more than the rich men may even need.

Ussain Bolt is the fastest man walking on the planet. He may as well rest for a couple of years and still see his name un-erased on the history books. But, he doesn't feel he is perfect. He knows there is always the scope for improvement. His records keep getting himself. And, though he has a penchant for excellence, for victory, he is a satisfied man. He knows what it is to win, what it is to rise from rags to riches.

Rajini, who was no richer than a bus conductor 35-40 years ago, is the face of Indian cinema today. But, have you seen anyone as humble as him. Just look at his face during any public appearance. Look at the calmness in his face, the sense of satisfaction, the humble heart that resides in his body is now in his face. Isn't he the highest paid actor in the nation, which is not that rich by itself? But he is not eating all the money. Many know about his generous activities, the prime-most of them being a school he runs for challenged children. Its the sense of satisfaction that he has with what he has achieved. He had a talent, and he has made the best use of it. He had the satisfaction, and he let many more have it.

We all say Sachin is perfect. But if you ask him, he would say "No, I'm not perfect. I'm only learning from everyone, from every match". We have not seen a better student of the game. We all know that the bars for excellence in the game of cricket, as regards batting, are set beyond the horizons by the immortal batting soul of Sir Donald Bradman. But, if at all there has been one single human who has come close to him, it has been Sachin Tendulkar. Not Ian Botham, not Sir Vivian Richards, not Allan Border, but Sachin Tendulkar. A true statement, coming from the legend of legends, Sir Don Bradman himself. Sachin knows that the world is not over. There is a better tomorrow. There is another record to be broken, there is another game to be played, another victory to taste. It took more than a dozen years for someone to equalise Saeed Anwar's record, and soon, it was broken by Sachin. Is he a satisfied man? Yes he is. Is he perfect? No, he is always getting better and better.

We want so many things to happen, so many things to be gained, so many things to be obtained... Materialistic, or otherwise. But, let us remember that, let us strive for satisfaction, not for what we or others term "perfection". What seems perfect to one eyes, is a whole level below perfection for another. So, its just you who ha to judge your mind and heart! You want to be a successful person? So be it! May you have the best things in life around you. If you feel you are satisfied, you will get the feel of what you believe one would get when he/she is "perfect". This is perfection in your own yardstick.

"Be satisfied with what you have" may not apply always, as you need that little something you aim for. But once you do get that, you will be enjoying the satisfaction! So much, that you may not be asking for much more that that. You may be working to graze further into the lawns of excellence, but this time it will be with the sense of happiness, satisfaction, contentment.

Be happy! If not, become happy!
Its a small pond, take a dip into it. You won't want to come out.

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