Saturday, February 26, 2011

Confessions of a Chocoholic

You have fallen in love with so many things, your love at first sight, first thought, first listening, first meeting etc... I started loving chocolate right from the first taste of the cocoa-filled solid nectar!

I may have mentioned my affinity towards chocolate earlier, and well, it's time for a post on it!

I guess I was "when-I-grew-a-tooth" year old when I had my first chocolate, must've been a Cadbury's Gems. Ever since then, chocolate and I have had several dates, almost every day!

I thank all my relatives out there in different countries who bring this heavenly goodness to my refrigerator! Out here in the hostel room with no refrigerator, I have to restrict myself to candies (which lucky don't melt, but aren't chocolate either. A sacrifice.)

Instead of boring you with my experiences with choconation, have a look at them yourself!

Hershey's... God Bless America!

Ferrero Rocher... Now, God Bless Switzerland!

Many a times, my substitute for a meal - chocolate bars! Mars, Three Musketeers, Snickers, Twix, and Nestle products made my tummy happy :-D

The perennially available ecstacy- Cadburys (scroll further down for more I-<3-Cadburys moments)

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And my personal favourite - Confeteria Rafaello! White cream, scrapes of coconuts, nuts on the inside, melts in your mouth. The fact that nobody else in my home fancies it that much gives me full freedom to consume it like a car drinking fuel!

A few advertisements, related to chocolates, that I love... Being in India, I'll stick to Cadbury!

This ad almost completely catches the mood of anybody enjoying a chocolate... calm and serene to start with and then being one with the chocolate itself- enjoying!

This is just a fun filled ad to get the attention of people to the chocolate (which can be as fus as this)

For the next one, a one word description - "cute" :-)

And this is how one must enjoy chocolates:-

Just another example of how eating a chocolate takes higher preference over proper presentation of self, (in some ways) manners (:-P) and other duties

Well, this is an abbreviated version of what I felt, translate into words, pics and videos! I was continuously teased by the Cadbury's Dairy Milk Silk ads today, which forced me into buying one (big thumbs up to the ad) and I enjoyed it while celebrating Pakistan's victory over Sri Lanka earlier tonight!

Chocolates, the reward for every occasion!
Yup, every occasion :-)

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