Wednesday, February 23, 2011

When Cupid Struck Me

It's February. Myths and urban supermarket legends have it that love is in the air, and Cupid lurks around with his arrows of love. I think Cupid struck me multiple times over the past few years... Well, I didn't get myself a valentine yet, but I've fallen in love with so many other things!!!

I love my family, they are me, I am them!

I love my friends, they opened up a new world to me, each of them, and I shared mine with them! It is fun, it is lovely, it is beautiful... to live two worlds by merely sharing your own!

I fell in love with the world around me. The skies so blue, the smell of earth during the rains, the endless deep, blue seas and oceans which flirt with every other parts of the world I only dream about!

I fell in love with myself, for I have just the perfect mind, heart and soul to be what I am! Some like me, some don't. Well, I love myself, so, the count is always positive!

I love God, for my faith in them has given me all the success I could've ever dreamt of, and allow me the freedom to keep dreaming in the same manner!

If heaven had to come to earth and make me love it, it had to take the form of chocolates! And I sure enough did fall in love with them! My craze for chocolates were rarely given second preference in my life! And I bet I will continue to keep it that way, even if health has a say in it!

My love from a young age had been in extremes towards cartoons! And I am proud to say I still love cartoons, the classic ones. The Hannah-Barbara ones, the original Popeye, Tom & Jerry ones, Looney Tunes, Boomerang! I miss them a lot. And I also miss talking about them to some of my best friends! Miss those conversations, guys!

I have 2 eyes to see all the beauty around me! Flora, fauna, structures and the most beautiful human beings to have tread mother earth! From the rose that grew in my garden, to the most handsome tiger...from the Taj Mahal to Mona Lisa... they are all worth falling in love with!

Even if I were blind, I would still be in love with all the music! You might've had love at first sight, I have had love at the first "hearings". I fell in love with the voice of Shreya Ghoshal. Actually, this post I write is because of this angel, whose song "Bahara" has been running in my ears for ages ever since another angel had introduced it to me! The slightest need of variance is completed by Atif and Kailash Kher!

The earth completes a day in 24 hours. But somehow I get the extra hours of world sports to myself! I don't know what I would be if it weren't for sports! I absolutely love cricket, or does cricket love me? Football grew like a rose-bud, basketball was my morning cup of coffee! I spent many days when I would stay up all night to watch football games, end up continuing with a basketball game early in the morning and then spend the day light watching cricket! If one spends all day with the love of his life, there is my love - sports! And she is adorable!

I love peace, in forms more than one. Quietness, always appreciated. I love calmness. Just shut your ranting mouth and listen to the simpler things life has to offer you - the rustling of the leaves in the wind, the chirp of the sparrows, the smothering soft sounds of the smooth paws of the cat dancing around an insect... Some things always brings that smile on my face, which make more sense than most things we say. Peace world over will be the ideal way to live! "Live, and let live", is old... let it be "love, and just keep loving"!

Wherever I am, was or would be, I will always love my nation, India. Half my name has a striking resemblance to my country's name. I can go anywhere in this country, feel so different, but feel one amongst them all. The cliche holds, unity in diversity is India's specialty!

My lovely post got delayed by a week because I had fallen in love with exams, which is kind of a hatred-love. You see, I don't like exams much, but I have to make room for the exams atleast two weeks an year, and they occupy my heart and soul for the whole duration! Of course it is a relief once they are over...
To all, wish you a very (belated) Valentine's Day!

- Dedicated to my future valentine... My dear better half, WhomSoEverYouMayBe, I will love you <3 !


  1. i like the part where u call exams as hatred-love..nice oxymoron

  2. simply superb da !! take a bow son, take a bow :D

  3. tat was a very sweet and cute blog..:):)

  4. Sounds like cupids loved targetting you. So many things to love in life. Very nice post